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Following the light

One of the staying elements in my life is the pursuit of beauty through painting and fine art. This year, it has become increasingly evident that I am continuously fascinated with the practice of refining my visual perception, painting with light keys, and capturing the color schemes of nature.

I was introduced to this exploration many years ago by Dottie Billiu-Hensche and Sammy Britt . I have strayed away from their teachings over the years, but I always come back to the light. I can't help but rediscover the sheer power and untapped potential of painting light schemes from nature with the force of the full color palette and a simple palette knife. 

In this year of of intense exploration of life and death, darkness and light, my rediscovery of this technique occurred during a painting workshop with stellar artist, colorist and plein air guru Tommy.  The following works are the result of several weeks of work within Tommy's Mississippi compound. 



Reclining Nude 1_

Zoom Figure Drawings

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